Stillwater Farm

We offer full board for pleasure and show horses.  During the summer months the horses come in during the day, with fans, and are turned out overnight. During the winter months the horse are in overnight and out during the day.  Exceptions are made as needed for horses that require limited or adjusted turnout schedules. Full board includes grain twice daily, hay, blanketing and private or small group turnout.  Horses are turned out in pairs or groups of three, and social interaction is monitored to make sure horses have pasture-mates that they are compatible with.  We also offer training board for horses of all levels.

Stillwater has many amenities for horse owners including: wash stall with hot and cold water, outdoor ring with all weather footing and a full course of jumps, many open acres to hack out on, a large heated tack room with bridle and saddle racks, sink, refrigerator, and microwave.

We also offer full board for retirees and for horses whose owners are not able to come out regularly.  This option includes not only the standard care of full board, but all of the details.  We take full responsibility for scheduling and overseeing farrier, worming, semi-annual vaccinations, annual dentistry, regular grooming and bathing, mane pulling and sheath cleaning.  We also monitor and attend to all health and soundness issues. 

Many of our retired horses are former show horses that have served their owners well.  At Stillwater they receive the benefit of lush pasture, ample turnout and a quiet lifestyle.  However, they do not need to  “rough it” and they will have their individual needs, preferences and quirks catered to in a personal manner.